Lessons and Practice Driving

You will need to have lessons with a qualified instructor, but to give yourself a proper head start you should try and find someone to let you practice in their car.  Insuring most cars is easy, and costs around 90 a month whatever size engine the car is.  You will be the person insured, and will be able to drive the car as long as you have someone who is allowed to supervise with you.  The more you practice, the better your driving will be, the more confident you will be - and hopefully the more relaxed with you take your driving test.

If your parents supervise your practice sessions they will be able to see how well you drive, and help you cope with different situations.  As well as helping you, this will help them to know that, when you do pass your test, you will be safe on the road.  Practice Driving Tips will give your parents, or other accompanying driver some ideas as to how to make the best use of your practice driving sessions.  And you can usually take your test in the car you've practiced in which may be more familiar to you than your instructor's car. 

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Want to Learn to Drive?
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At 17 you can learn to drive in the UK

Want You Own Wheels?

Do you want to get off the bus and into a car?  Fed up with walking or not being able to visit friends when you want?  Are your parents fed up with being a taxi service?  Can't wait to get on the road?

Are you a teenager who lives in a remote area where buses either do not run, or stop running too early for you to have a night out with your friends or to get an evening job?

Or have you simply longed to drive and be independent for as long as you can remember? 

If so, this site aims to give you some advice to help you learn to drive with confidence, to be a safe driver, and to pass that all important test as soon as possible. 

Start Driving News!

Ban on Candidates taking test in a Foreign Language

From February 2014 there is likely to be a ban on candidates taking their theory test in a language other than English or having a translator with them in their practical driving test.

The reasoning is that after passing their test candidates without a good understanding of English are unable to read the road signs and maybe unsafe to drive on the UK roads. 

Driving Test Review

The UK Driving Test is about to be overhauled, and it's going to get tougher to try to reduce the death rate among young drivers.  Changes being considered are:

- A minimum learning period of 6 to 12 months
-Being able to apply for a provisional licence at 16 1/2, but having to wit until 17 or 17 1/2 before being able to take the test
- Having to demonstrate experience of driving on dual carriageways and in the dark or rain
-A doubling to 20 minutes of the time without instruction by the examiner
- Probationary period for new drivers increasing to 3 years (i.e. Where you lose your licence if you get 6 points)
- New drivers facing a temporary ban on carrying passengers or night time driving

A Green Paper is expected on the recommendations within the next few months. 

No Need to Wait Until your 17th Birthday

Did you know that you don't have to wait until you are 17 to learn to drive?  Many places offer lessons to teenagers - and some let you start as soon as you are tall enough for your feet to reach the pedals.   Read about Pre 17 Lessons
Taking lessons off road before you start your proper on the road lessons can give you extra confidence when you find yourself on the public roads for the first time.  You'll learn how to start, steer, change gear and control the car in a safe environment which really give you some good preparation and a head start towards passing the driving test.  Under 17 driving lessons are make a great Christmas or birthday present.

The Under 17 driving page gives some links for schools that run Under 17 driving courses across the country.

As you are getting nearer the legal age to drive you can apply for your provisional driving licence 3 months before your 17th birthday so you can take your lessons straight away.  . 

The Driving Test

Before you are allowed to take a practical on road test you need to take a theory test.  This is in two parts - the first tests your knowledge of driving theory as set out in the Highway Code, and the second part is the hazard perception test.  The theory tests are a very important part of learning to drive.  Imagine playing a complicated board game when you don't know the rules - that's what driving would be like if you didn't know the theory! 
After you've passed your theory you'll be able to book your practical driving test.  Your driving lessons and practice should have prepared you well for this.  Your instructor will tell you when you are ready to book your test - don't book it before he/she says you are ready as they know how well you are driving.  Failing a test is disappointing, and expensive, as you'll have to pay to take your test again. 

Insurance for Young Drivers

is a bewildering subject for many young drivers, so I've included some explanations of the common insurance terms you'll come across when the day comes and you pass your test and start looking to buy your first car. 

Good Luck - and happy safe driving!
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Driving Lessons
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